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God, or Circumstances

I believe it was 1991 when I got into a tussle with the Snake River. The river won. I fought with everything I had, but lost consciousness in a horizontal hydraulic.  I can’t say with certainty that it was God, … Continue reading

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My most frequently asked question these days, for obvious reasons, is “How are you feeling?” My answer is usually the same, “Okay” or “Tired.” Occasionally I’ll say “I’m old and grumpy.” Then I hear it. “Yeah, but how are you … Continue reading

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It was a huge success! The benefit went so smoothly. My friends did a great job of planning and organizing the whole thing. Twenty two acts performed on three stages. The raffle and auction items were out of this world! … Continue reading

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The Dark Side

Up until now, I’ve tried to keep everything I share positive. Attitude is important. But so is honesty, and let’s face it, cancer sucks. I’m only in the first of three phases of my treatment, and already I’m impatient for … Continue reading

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The upside to cancer….wait….what? An upside to cancer? It’s true, there are some great things about having cancer. After the diagnosis, the thing I heard loud and clear, from doctors, family, and friends alike, was ATTITUDE MATTERS. I took it … Continue reading

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And the Hot Flashes…..Yikes!

I have cancer. There, I said it. My ex wife, my daughter’s mama, died on July 12th, 2012, from, you guessed it, cancer. I was diagnosed on July 12, 2017, on the anniversary of her passing. What does this mean? … Continue reading

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